Kamis, 16 Juli 2015

Lirik Lagu Beatles (The) ~ Revolution

Lirik Lagu Beatles (The) ~ Revolution

You Say You Want A Revolution
well, You_kunci Know
we All Want To Change The World.
Tou Tell Me That It'S Evolution,
Well, You Know
We All kord_Want To Change The World.
But When You Talk lirik_About Destruction,
Don'T You_chord Know lagu_That_kunci You Can artis_Count Me Out.
Don'T You Know It'S Going To Be Alright,
Alright, Alright.
You Say_kunci You Got A Real Solution
Well, You lirik_Know
We'D All Love To See The Plan.
You Ask Me For A Contribution,
Well, You Know
We'Re Doing lagu_What We Can.
Ut_chord If You Want Money artis_For People With Minds That Hate,
All I Can Tell You lirik_Is Brother You Have artis_To lagu_Wait.
Don'T kord_You Know It'S Going To Be Alright,
Alright, Alright.
You Say You'Ll Change A Constitution
Well, You Know
We lirik_All artis_Want Ot Change Your_kunci Head.
You lirik_Tell Me It'S The Institution,
Well, You Know
You kord_Better Free Your Mind Instead.
But If You Go Carrying Pictures Of Chairman Mao,
You kord_Ain'T Gonna Make It With Anyone Anyhow.
Don'T artis_You Know It'S Going To kord_Be Alright,
Alright, Alright

Lirik Lagu The xx ~ Basic Space

Lirik artis_Lagu The xx ~ Basic Space

Neck, Chest, Waist To Floor
Easy To Take, You Could Take Me In Fours
Make Me_chord A Deal, A kord_Day A Piece
Take It All, Just Stay A Week

I'Ll Take You In Pieces, We Can artis_Take It All Apart
I'Ve Suffered Shipwrecks, Right lirik_From The Start
I'Ve artis_Been Underwater, Breathing_chord Out And In
I Think I'M Losing Where You End And I Begin

Basic Space, Open Air
Don'T Look Away
When There'S_kunci Nothing There

I'M Setting kord_Us In Stone
Piece By Piece lagu_Before lirik_I'M Alone
Air kord_Tight lirik_Before We Break
Keep It In, Keep Us Safe

It'S A Pool Of Boiling Wax
I'M Getting In, Let It Set, Got To Seal This_kunci In
Can'T lirik_Adjust, Can'T Relearn
Got To Keep What I Have Preserve

Basic Space, Open Air
Don'T Look Away
When There'S Nothing kord_There

Hot Wax Has Left Me With A kord_Shine
Wouldn'T Know If I'Ve Been artis_Left Behind
Second_kunci Skin, Second Skin

I Can'T_kunci Let It lagu_Out, I Still artis_Let You In
I lagu_Can'T Let lirik_It Out, I Still Let You In